• David J Costello

'Zest' Launch Monday 16th November 2020

The day is almost here, it seems an extraordinarily long wait but then again nothing is 'normal' at the moment!

The launch will be at 19:00 via Zoom, everyone is warmly invited to come along. Please e-mail my publisher, Red Squirrel Press, at:

for the link.

I intend to be accompanied by a large glass of something and you're welcome to treat yourself too!

This is a joint launch with the wondeful James McGonigal, a fellow Squirrel who will be reading from his collection 'In Good Time'.

We had a full rehearsal on Zoom last night so the event should be around an hour. It is, of course, free.

I've read my copy of In Good Time twice now and can heartily recommend it. Even so there's nothing like the poet reading his/her own work to add that extra dimension to it.

James is Edwin Morgan's biographer, published by Carcanet it is available here:

Some of James's earlier work can be purchased directly from his web site at:

Please remember that Heft is available P&P free from my web site until the end on November!

All in all an exciting few days, I hope you can join us.

Take care & stay safe.

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