• David J Costello

Heft placed 3rd in International Poetry Book Competition 2020

Heft is now available to order (P&P free in the UK up to 31th November 2020, details below).

I'm delighted my collection has been placed 3rd in the International Poetry Book Competition 2020, the judges comments are below:

"Heft by David J Costello is another excellent poetry volume that surprises, moves and delights in equal measure. An award-winning poet, he has weaved together a beautiful collection, layered full of personal experience, nature, myth and mortality.

From ‘Conch’:

‘Every shell has it’s own voice, but only the empty ones sing.’

In ‘Rain’ we experience how life passes so quickly. We wake up one day and wonder where all the years have gone…

‘…sepia streets. Outside my window The rain sounds the same,’

The next generation…

‘Grainy with meiosis, you’ve steeped for twenty years…’

We experience a washed-up whale, dead on the beach. Satan’s tree. Welsh legends, a furnaceman who ‘drowned inside himself.’ There is a sadness here, an inevitability but also a catharsis and hope for the future…

‘My ordinary life is such a weight. …I drop it in the quarry’s mouth.’

A superb poetry book and much deserved 3rd place winner."

If you would like a copy I've updated my web site so orders for Heft can now be placed via PayPal. All UK orders are P&P free until 30th November 2020. Overseas orders are subject to a P&P quote by e-mailing me at

I will reduce all overseas P&P by the equivelent amount that would have been paid in the UK.

Alternatively you can scan the QR code below to buy your copy. You will be taken straight to PayPal. If you would rather save me the PayPal fee by using a BACS transfer, e-mail me on the above e-mail address and I'll let you have my account details.

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