• David J Costello

The Lazy Landlord Open Mic TONIGHT!!!

For the first time in a long while I shall be MCing an evening of poetry in a pub!

Not since the heady days of New Brighton Bards will such an event have occurred.

The venue is CAMRA award winning micro-pub, The Lazy Landlord, (56, Mill Lane, Wallasey, Merseyside. CH44 5UG).

This is no ordinary venue. The pub is small, it occupies the premises of a former shop. The licence is also restricted so there are no spirits for sale and no-alcopops or similar trendy designer nonsense. There are no gaming machines and there’s no piped music. It’s actually possible to have a conversation and be heard!

A genuine (& increasingly rare) community pub, the landlords wanted to test drive a poetry night alongside the usual monthly fare ranging from the local allotment society to CND. Everyone is welcome as tradition is very much encouraged.

So, a very different venue that promises a very different evening of poetry. Come along if you can. I’ll be there from 19:30. Just have a word when you get there if you’d like to read. We’ll be using a round-robin format so only the numbers will dictate how often you can read.

I shall be joined by fellow stalwarts of The Bards Steve Regan and Jason T Richardson, so get along if you can.

A short walk from the centre of Liscard, the easiest way to get there from Liverpool is by bus. The journey is no more than 10 minutes on the 432. You can pick up the bus from North John Street or opposite the Met Quarter. Buses are every 20 minutes. You need to get off at the traffic lights at the junction with Mill Lane & walk towards Liscard town centre. The walk is under 5, leisurely, minutes.

Return buses are also every 20 minutes, the last bus being a few minutes after 23:30 but the pub closes at 22:30 anyway!

Readings will focus on the Library (basically a small area at the rear of the pub with a bookshelf & fire!).

This is a pop-up event. If successful we may have another one. Nothing is planned so this could be your only chance!

See you there.

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