• David J Costello

Bee Piece Commissioned!

I'm grateful to Lydia Needle and ACEarts for inviting me to produce a poem for inclusion in the exhibition, Fifty BEES: The Interconnectedness of All Things, which will run from 1st July to 22nd July in Somerton, Somerset.

At the exhibition's core is the conservation, through awareness, of the decline in British Bees. There are 275 British species, fifty of which will be modelled by Lydia. A collaborating artist (most aren't poets!) will produce a work to accompany each one.

My bee species is "Stelis phaeoptera", common name "Plain Dark Bee". A rare cleptoparasitic or "cuckoo" bee, it is known in two areas, one being Shrewsbury the other Wrexham.

Anyone who knows me will realise how attractive this litle bee is as the subject for a poem.

Presentation of a poem in an exhibition can be awkward, particularly one that is so visual. To this end I'm grateful (& relieved in equal measure) to Janine Pinion who has offered her considerable artistic talents to present and frame the piece.

I only have to write it now!!!

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