• David J Costello

Open Mouse to publish "Methuselah".

The Open Mouse is to publish the final poem in my forthcoming pamphlet, No Need For Candles, on or around the 9th September. This is the final poem in pamphlet, not just because of its "fit" but because of its deep personal significance to me. Originally written as a re-telling of the biblical story about Methuselah, who is supposed to have lived to 969 years of age, it became something quite different to me following my father's death in April this year. The day before he passed away, Dad used a phrase I had already written in the poem several months before. The coincidence affected me greatly. I only re-wrote the last line following his death, the rest of the poem is unchanged from the original. No Need For Candles is themed around loss and mortality which have, obviously, occupied my thoughts a lot in recent months. As always with a poem it is the reader who will decide what meaning to take from it. If that's just a simple story, hopefully well told, then so be it. For me it's the only way these poems could conclude. I'll publish the link when it's published and you can decide for yourself (or better still why not buy a copy!!).

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